about: Rosa posters plus a personal request

Abechan ^^, elita_leo at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 25 07:57:28 CET 2007

If they're available in Sweden - Id be happy to help...otherwise I join in 
on the request!
would hate to miss out on these lovely posters.

Stockholm / Sweden

>From: "deanmary" <deanmary at zoominternet.net>
>To: <dcml at nafsk.se>
>Subject: Rosa posters plus a personal request
>Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007 22:55:19 -0500
>A posting on Arthur De Wolf's excellent website, Disney Comics Worldwide: 
>tells about 12 exciting posters Don Rosa is doing in celebration of 
>Scrooge's 60th birthday.
>You can read more about it and see even more of the posters here: 
>I now have a personal request.  I was wondering if anyone in a country in 
>Europe that receives the comics these posters are in would be willing to 
>buy me the 12 comic issues these posters come in?  I would be very happy to 
>pay the costs for all 12 issues and estimated postage to send these 12 
>issues at the end of the year to the USA well in advance.  I would just 
>hate to miss out on getting a hold of these posters because I live on the 
>wrong side of the Atlantic! :(  If any one is interested, please contact me 
>at my personal email address instead of the DCML.  *Much* thanks in advance 
>to anyone willing to help me out!
>Dean Rekich


Träffa singlar där du bor 

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