Rosa posters plus a personal request

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Thu Jan 25 04:55:19 CET 2007

A posting on Arthur De Wolf's excellent website, Disney Comics Worldwide:

tells about 12 exciting posters Don Rosa is doing in celebration of Scrooge's 60th birthday.

You can read more about it and see even more of the posters here:

I now have a personal request.  I was wondering if anyone in a country in Europe that receives the comics these posters are in would be willing to buy me the 12 comic issues these posters come in?  I would be very happy to pay the costs for all 12 issues and estimated postage to send these 12 issues at the end of the year to the USA well in advance.  I would just hate to miss out on getting a hold of these posters because I live on the wrong side of the Atlantic! :(  If any one is interested, please contact me at my personal email address instead of the DCML.  *Much* thanks in advance to anyone willing to help me out!

Dean Rekich
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