Don Rosa Eisner nomination

M.J. Prior M.J.Prior at
Wed May 2 17:58:45 CEST 2007

I wrote in an earlier post:

> ... "A Matter of Some Gravity" and the Lo$-series, which 
> were actual Eisner Award winners.

Oops! "A Matter ..." only got an Eisner nomination!

Joe Torcivia:

> And, if Don  Rosa wins an Eisner for "The Black Knight 
> Glorps Again", I will be happy for him

Sure, if Don Rosa wins the Eisner I'd be happy for him as 
well, but ...

> If you're a fan of this stuff, I'd think you'd  prefer 
> the Eisner went to Rosa and/or Gemstone than having it go
> to someone else, under any circumstance!   

This is sheer nonsense. It's not like these Awards are 
some kind of baseball competition, where you're rooting 
for either one team or the other. I must admit that I 
haven't read any of the other nominated stories, but given 
the fact that they ARE nominated for Best Short Story, 
there's a chance that I might like some, if not all, of 
the other stories as well. Thus I might be equally happy 
for one of the other guys, should they win the Award.


Michiel Prior.

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