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To my comment below:  
> If you're a fan of this stuff, I'd think you'd  prefer 
>  the Eisner went to Rosa and/or Gemstone than having it go
> to someone  else, under any circumstance!   
Michiel Prior responds with the following:  
>>This is sheer nonsense. It's not like these Awards are 
some  kind of baseball competition, where you're rooting 
for either one team or  the other. I must admit that I 
haven't read any of the other nominated  stories, but given 
the fact that they ARE nominated for Best Short Story,  
there's a chance that I might like some, if not all, of 
the other  stories as well. Thus I might be equally happy 
for one of the other guys,  should they win the Award.>>
First:  Can't ANYONE disagree with someone's posting on the Internet  without 
that disagreement being branded as "sheer nonsense"?!  I disagreed  with 
Michiel, and stated the reasons for that disagreement -- even offering a  parallel 
to the Oscars and animation, without denigrating his opinion.   Even if I 
were to privately consider his assuming the role of arbiter over  the Eisner 
committees and judges to be "nonsensical" -- particularly when the  committee has 
read all the different nominated works and he has not, it would  not be my 
place to state that in a public forum.  
Second:  As long as he brings it up, the Eisner's ARE INDEED in many  ways 
similar to a "baseball competition".  I've attended a few, and can say  that 
there have been partisan groups that cheer and whoop it up for their  particular 
favorites as much as one might do so for Derek Jeter or David  Ortiz.  One 
year, there was such a group "making noise" for the  creator of an indie comic 
called "The Three Geeks" to such an extent, that  I left the awards determined 
to try the book.  BTW, I DID, and I liked  it.  
Third:  Using the "Three Geeks" example.  If such attention can  move someone 
like myself -- who is admittedly not an indie supporter -- to buy  and enjoy 
such a title, why wouldn't the Eisner "buzz" and  notoriety have the same 
effect for UNCLE SCROOGE?  Thus, my statement:  "If you're a fan of this stuff, 
I'd think you'd prefer the Eisner went to  Rosa and/or Gemstone than having it 
go to someone else, under any  circumstance!"  Right now, Gemstone needs any 
help it can get!  And  (again) IF YOU ARE A FAN OF THIS STUFF, you WANT to see 
Rosa and Gemstone win  the award over someone else -- just as I (as a Yankees 
fan) would want to see  Derek Jeter win the MVP over David Ortiz.  If you are 
NOT A FAN OF THIS  STUFF, then please be as "fair and balanced" or neutral in 
your opinions as you  wish.  That's what MAKES competition in the first place.  
Fourth and Final:  Michiel, if you are so adamant that Don Rosa should  not 
win an Eisner for this particular story -- and would rather be "fair and  
balanced" as opposed to being "a fan of this stuff" (as I openly profess to be),  
why don't you do everyone on this list a service and seek out and read the  
stories that are competing with Don Rosa.  No sarcasm is meant here -- but  you 
can serve as "our eyes" on the overall picture and accurately report to the  
List on whether Don's entry is -- or is not -- worthy of the top prize in the  
field that exists THIS year.  Finally, if you respond to these comments, do  
take the high road and make your point with examples (...particularly if you DO  
read the competing entries) and civility.  We can continue to disagree  
without name calling and denigration.  
Indeed, I WOULD be interested in hearing how you would stack ALL this  year's 
nominees for "Best Short Story", and (I'll assume) so would many members  of 
this list.  
Joe Torcivia.  

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