Donald Duck In Darkest Africa story

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Darkest Africa was published in Italian Tesori -series with 100% Barks 
lines. In both languages, Italian and in English. English version b/w and 
Italian colored. Completely original, caringly restored by Luca Boschi. 
Great work! Printed 2002.
Daan Jippes and Dick Vlottes re-inked those published in CBL.

Best Wishes

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> Hey everyone:
> One of my favorite Donald stories by Barks is Darkest Africa.
> Unfortunately, every single copy I've read has the panels redrawn or
> reinked by someone else - Daan Jippes, I think?  I like Jippes but I'm
> not too fond of the changes in the art and would much rather have a
> copy without changes.
> Is there anyone who has an original copy of this story who would be
> willing to scan it or send it to me?  I remember that it was online a
> few years ago but that url link doesn't work anymore.  Or even a scan
> of Voodoo Hoodoo.  I'm trying to get copies of Barks stories without
> changes and I don't think there any plans to reprint the originals
> (unless they used the original comics themselves).
> Thanks
> Tom Wormstedt
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