Donald Duck In Darkest Africa story

Fluks, H.W. (Harry) harry.fluks at
Wed May 16 16:21:42 CEST 2007

Timo wrote:

> Darkest Africa was published in Italian Tesori -series with 
> 100% Barks 
> lines. In both languages, Italian and in English. English 
> version b/w and 
> Italian colored. Completely original, caringly restored by 
> Luca Boschi.

There is one drawback: the *lettering* is entirely new, also in the
English version.
And in the re-lettering they made a mistake: instead of "brofessor Van
Tulip of der University of Rotterdam" it now says "professor ...". So
the fake-Dutch accent (the b in brofessor) has gone.


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