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> Is there anyone who can tell me why even if I collect Disney comics since
> 1996 I have never find them? (I'm from Italy!)
> Not by seller, not by ebay too!
> Dumbo giveaway 1941 (52 pgs)
> Ludwig Von Drake fish stampede
> DD plotting picnickers
> DD and the red feather
> Paolo Bontempi

The 4 comics you have listed do not show up very often for one big reason,
They were Free - Giveaways. People felt No loss and often threw them away.
They often went to people who are not collectors and were not saved.
The Ludwig Von Drake fish stampede and DD plotting picnickers
are a little newer but still 45 years old.
The Dumbo was likely given to smaller children who did not take care of it 
and since NO money went in to purchase it, Throwing it away was not a problem.
The DD and the Red Feather is only 4 pages, Black and White and 60 years old.
Most were thrown away.
One did sell recently on Ebay and for a lot of money indicating its rarity.
I believe David Gerstein bought it for another party.
Maybe David can comment on the comic.

Barry Branvold

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