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David Gerstein gdavid at gemstonepub.com
Sat Nov 10 01:52:21 CET 2007

Hey Barry (and others),

> The DD and the Red Feather is only 4 pages, Black and White and 60 years old.
> Most were thrown away.
> One did sell recently on Ebay and for a lot of money indicating its rarity.
> I believe David Gerstein bought it for another party.
> Maybe David can comment on the comic.

Hmm... I was acting on behalf of a collector friend in Denmark. The (American) eBay dealer wouldn't ship overseas and even discouraged bids from non-Yanks, so I bid for my Danish friend under my own eBay handle, and then he reimbursed me afterward. Then when the comic arrived I shipped it on to him.
So now you know what I was up to.

But... details about the comic itself? It's a frankly silly story about a huge (Gyro-sized) walking, talking red feather, who is convincing Donald and the boys to give their money to charity. The feather was the symbol of a charity program at the time.
I learned a few weeks ago that line art stats to the story exist, so we may reprint it at Gemstone sometime simply as a curio. It's obviously worth more for its apparent rarity than for its content, though. It was produced not by Western, but by the Disney comic strip department.

Why is it rare? The story has a very preachy tone, so I suspect kids of the time didn't want to save it. (Shame, as charity is a wonderful cause...)

Best, David
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