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jerryblake2 at juno.com jerryblake2 at juno.com
Wed Nov 14 15:27:32 CET 2007

"Even though there *wre* stereotypes, they never served a racist ideology.
The Company's policy on this subject is rather incoherent, anyway: "The Phantom Blot" can be reprinted, even though one might also argue that the stereotype of  the Irish police officers is incorrect, especially as they are shown to be incompetent. Will the stereotypical Italian fruit vendors in several stories have their dialogue changed to proper English so as not to vex Italians?"

Actually, they've already done that--Gladstone's version of OSCAR THE OSTRICH from back in their first run was altered to Anglicize the dialogue of the crooked pet-store owner Tony, as well as the dialogue of a minor fruit vendor character. 

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