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Olivier (M&D) mouse-ducks at orange.fr
Wed Nov 14 16:22:02 CET 2007

>>>>> Actually, they've already done that--Gladstone's version of OSCAR THE
>>>>> OSTRICH from back in their first run was altered to Anglicize the
>>>>> dialogue of the crooked pet-store owner Tony, as well as the dialogue
>>>>> of a minor fruit vendor character.

Thanks for this precision, Jerry!

>> As an Italian, let me add that I'm "vexed" by such censorship, and not in
>> the least by the language originally used. But that was obvious, wasn't 
>> it?

Come to think of  it, I have never felt offended by the few French 
stereotypes in the comics either, to the point of never having given a 
thought to it-- mostly in Rosa's stories, and most notably Arpin Lusène.
Actually, the only thing I regret is that the mispronunciation is not quite 
correctly mispronounced, it--a few things should be transcribed a bit 
differently to correspond to what a non-English speaking Frenchman might say 
it (but this might also be to make it easier to read for native English 
speakers English).


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