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Wed Nov 21 14:02:25 CET 2007

Oliver and Everyone:
Oliver wrote:
>>And now, thank you to Joe.
Your suggestion is very clear and  detailed, and fully takes into account 
from both viewpoints & interests:  those of the readers (you might even further 
distinguish between casual readers  and old faithfuls like us) and those of the 
And your comments were very much enjoyed and appreciated -- as well as your  
part in maintaining this entire discussion!  Thank you!  
Though, when Oliver uses the words "very clear", the final version of my  
text that I read on the Digest seemed anything but!  There were no  paragraph 
breaks -- making the text look like a long jumbled mess, quotes and  apostrophes 
were substituted by question marks, and the like.  Did you all  see it like 
that, or is it just the way AOL displays it to me?  
Personally, I dislike reading long unbroken texts online -- and that's  
exactly how my Gemstone thoughts appeared to me in the Digest version, so I  
apologize for that!  
Not to go too far off topic, but I prepared the text in Microsoft Word, and  
copied it into an AOL e-mail to send.  Within the AOL e-mail, I even typed  an 
EXTRA paragraph break line for clarity -- as I've seen this happen to my DCML 
 postings before!  But, still you got a compressed version that might have  
been more difficult to read than some would have liked.   Sorry.   You'd think, 
by now, that different software would be more compatible in  translation.  
If anyone would like a "clearer copy" of those comments, please e-mail me  
directly and let me know.  
If anyone would like a copy of the DONALD AND MICKEY third prestige title  -- 
as Oliver and I would -- um... you'll just have to write Gemstone!   :-)   
Thanks again, Oliver!  
Joe Torcivia. 

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