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Olivier (M&D) mouse-ducks at
Wed Nov 21 16:07:06 CET 2007

A worried Joe:

>>>> Though, when Oliver uses the words "very clear",
>>>> the final version of my text that I read on the Digest
>>>> seemed anything but!  There were no paragraph breaks
>>>> [...]  is it just the way AOL displays it to me?  

Just AOL.
I worked fine for me. 

>>>> Within the AOL e-mail, I even typed an EXTRA
>>>> paragraph break line for clarity

All your paragraphs are perfectly separated; I see two lines inbetween them, indeed.

The DCML's archived pages, however, do not have any separations:

You can make out the paragraphs, but they are all huddled together.
The last message (the one I am replying to) is okay:

(I had never thought of checking how my messages looked.)

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