Carl Barks Collected Works

Lars Jensen lpj at
Tue Apr 8 13:10:05 CEST 2008

Nils Lid Hjort wrote:

> And now the question -- are these now going to be published in English
> too, i.e. in the original barksian language? In the same set of boxes, the
> same design, with prefaces and articles, etc. etc.? (And, in that case,
> will the original hand lettering be kept?)

According to , Gemstone
have yet to make their final decisions regarding these things.

> Perhaps I do not quite feel "cheated" if these are now published in
> English too, but I did have the distinctive impression, when it all
> started out some three years ago in Scandinavia, that "this would be it",
> they would not be produced in the original barksian.

No need to feel cheated. Egmont announced that the Carl Barks Collection was
the definitive collection, yes. But how can Egmont guarantee that Gemstone
won't publish these books, too? It's not like Egmont can ban them from using
Barks stories, is it?


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