Scotland in Barks stories

Larry Giver lgiver at
Mon Dec 29 08:05:03 CET 2008

Stefan Persson asked about Barks stories besides "The Old Castle's Secret" 
that mentions Scotland.  Olaf Solstrand remembered "The Hound of the 
Whiskervilles" (US29) and also Scrooge recalling his childhood in "The 
Golden River" (US22).
	In addition, "The Horseradish Story" (US3) begins by introducing Scrooge's 
ancestor Captain Seafoam McDuck in Scotland.  And "The Heirloom Watch" 
(US10) mentions Scrooge's great uncle Quagmire McDuck, and Scrooge goes to 
Scotland to claim uncle Quagmire's estate.
	The story "Back to Long Ago" (US16) has Scrooge and Donald in past lives 
as Matey McDuck and Bosn Pintail serving in the British navy at the time 
(1564) of Queen Elizabeth I.  Was England and Scotland sufficiently unified 
at that time so that a Scottish McDuck could be in the British 
navy?  Scotland is not mentioned in this story.   Barks wrote this story 
when past life regression was a very popular topic.

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