DCML Digest, Vol 70, Issue 10

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Regarding Larry Giver's question, of "whether England and Scotland were united 
in 1564...-they were NOT.  They were united in 1707.  However,-that doesn't 
mean that a Scotsman couldn't have served in the English navy.

Scrooge also mentioned that his father wore a miner's cap. But, maybe he was a 

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>    1. Scotland in Barks stories (Larry Giver)
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> Stefan Persson asked about Barks stories besides "The Old Castle's Secret" 
> that mentions Scotland.  Olaf Solstrand remembered "The Hound of the 
> Whiskervilles" (US29) and also Scrooge recalling his childhood in "The 
> Golden River" (US22).
> 	In addition, "The Horseradish Story" (US3) begins by introducing 
> ancestor Captain Seafoam McDuck in Scotland.  And "The Heirloom Watch" 
> (US10) mentions Scrooge's great uncle Quagmire McDuck, and Scrooge goes to 
> Scotland to claim uncle Quagmire's estate.
> 	The story "Back to Long Ago" (US16) has Scrooge and Donald in past 
> as Matey McDuck and Bosn Pintail serving in the British navy at the time 
> (1564) of Queen Elizabeth I.  Was England and Scotland sufficiently unified 
> at that time so that a Scottish McDuck could be in the British 
> navy?  Scotland is not mentioned in this story.   Barks wrote this story 
> when past life regression was a very popular topic.
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