Don Rosa's detached retina surgery

Larry Giver lgiver at
Fri Mar 21 19:14:55 CET 2008

	Best wishes for Don's eye surgery; I had the same problem almost 5 years 
ago when my right eye went blind.  The surgery involves installing a band 
around the eye and injecting a heavy gas (C3F8 in my case) to replace over 
half the eye fluid.
The basic principle is the same as setting a broken bone --- hold the 
retina in position so it can re-attach.  The bubble floating in the eye 
pushes up on the retina when you position your head correctly.  The correct 
position is mostly down, so that makes doing anything difficult, especially 
	My right eye could gradually see again as the bubble disappeared over 2 
month, and natural eye fluid regenerated itself.   It recovered over 
99%---just 2 minor side effects I hardly notice anymore.  Then a year later 
my left eye retina started to detach.  This time I recognized the symptoms 
early, long before going blind, and didn't need the surgery for installing 
a band on the eye.  I just had a smaller bubble injection, which was done 
by the doctor in his office.
	We severely near-sighted people who do lots of close desk work are 
statistically most likely to get detached retinas.
			Again, best wishes,   Larry Giver.

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