the Big Bad Wolf Syndrome and conservativism

Santiago García saturno3x1 at
Fri Mar 21 23:33:25 CET 2008

Nils Lid Hjort:

>>[...]But then Practical Pig (Storebror, or Big
Brother, in Norwegian)
with his last efforts manages to get the also
apple out of his mouth, and asks BBW: What about

>>Again, I'd be grateful if someone could give us the
precise WD C&S and DD & Co. reference to the
Storeulv story.

I'd swear that it's W WDC 170-04 ("Rocket Suit"), the
one you mean.

About the finale: Yes, it's funny to see BBW setting
free the TLP to "preserve his tomorrow". But I never
liked it, because it shows a certain
politically-conservative way of thinking. I can
imagine some CEO at Disney censoring the story saying
"The BBW MUST NOT EAT THE TLP, because things must
stay always the same".

If the BBW was a real-life being, I don't think he
would have been conviced that easily by Practical Pig.

Anyway, hope it helps.


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