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Georgios Balanikas M.D. dioskouridis at
Fri Mar 21 22:46:27 CET 2008

My greetings to every member of our list. Maybe some of the members know that I am a practicing ophthalmologist and I can say that Mr Giver described quite precisely the procedure of a retinal detachment surgery. Of course the procedure is different in different cases and depends on the severity of patien't injury. 
It depends also on how old is the detachment, because retina is a part of our central nervous system and needs quick restoration and re-attachment. Another important and predictive for the visual outcome sign is how much of the retina has been detached and also if the central and most functional for the clear vision area (the macula) has been affected. In large detachments we apply outside of the eye permanent sponges or bands (we called them grafts) which pushes the eyeball's scleral coat inwards to reach the detached retina. In minor and peripheral detachments we insert gas (as SF6 or C3F8 or other which are lighter than air) and we circumvallate the causing retinal tear by laser photocoagulation or cryopexy. In more severe, neglected and old detachments we insert silicon oil and hope to keep the retina attached. There are some prodromal signs before detachment can happens, such as striking or flashing lights (we call them photopsias), floating
floaters like flies (we call them myopsias) and then cloudy or blurred vision in part or in the whole visual field of the affected eye. High myopes (as Don) have higher possibilities to suffer from this condition. A periodical and meticulous examination of their eye fundus (in six or twelve month intervals) is suggested for those individuals. Some people have due to genetical reasons degenerated changes in the periphery of their retina where a tear can be happened. If in a routine examination we will discover tears or holes, we apply Laser photocoagulation to circumvallate and insure the injury. The vitreous cannot be regenerated but absorbs the gas in about four to six weeks. 
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