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> Perfectly legal in USA.  Two of my brothers married sisters of another
> family.  (And a few years apart, too.)

I did find it interesting that there are legal impediments in Greece  
to in-laws marrying since, as you say, there are no such impediments  
here to situations like your two brothers marrying two sisters in  
another family.

So here, unless Disney officially established that Donald and Daisy  
are first cousins or closer by blood, they can date and marry and  
have kids and no one, not even the law (projecting its jurisdiction,  
for the sake of argument, into our fiction), would bat an eye.

I'm not real sure why we have that comparatively relaxed view of the  
matter. For all I know it goes back to our colonialization, when it  
would have made a great deal of sense to open reproductive  
opportunities out as far and wide as prevailing legal, religious and  
social mores could be persuaded to allow.

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