Herbert Snorrason methanal at
Thu Oct 2 18:33:40 CEST 2008

On 2.10.2008, at 16:16, Gary Leach wrote:
> I'm not real sure why we have that comparatively relaxed view of the  
> matter. For all I know it goes back to our colonialization, when it  
> would have made a great deal of sense to open reproductive  
> opportunities out as far and wide as prevailing legal, religious and  
> social mores could be persuaded to allow.
Here's the really interesting thing: You don't. The U.S. has the  
strictest marriage rules of the "western democracies"; the widespread  
(though not universal) ban on first cousin marriages is actually harsh  
compared to european standards. So the real question is, what do the  
greeks have up their arse?

With respect,
   Herbert Snorrason

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