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Well, up until you concluded with a premature—and immature—and completely inaccurate comment about my presumed 'juvenility,' your post had merit and self-respect, and stood as a set of valid points of view. I don't deny my own lack of appreciation for certain Duck artists' work—Don Rosa's just ain't in that category for me.  

Nevertheless, my viewpoint is that there does exist a consortium of sorts of Duck fandom out there who tend to pooh-pooh Don's work as a matter of routine. I've been reading/posting in Duck forums—this one and others—for quite awhile and have witnessed it first-hand and *personal.* 

Just my Opinion.

---- "Søren Krarup Olesen" <sko at inducks.org> wrote: 
> Dear Dux,

> Huh? I got the impression that my views were rather rare. Now being
> classified as "typical" is new to me.
> But Dux (your real name is probably a secret), sorry, think you missed
> the point. My list contains many positive things, so please consider
> those as little sweet cherries amongst the sour grapes. I'd like to view
> stories on a gray scale rather than making everything black or white.
> I have heard that before, frequently, and I respect that point of view.
> Many of my friends share exactly that opinion and thank heaven for not
> just having the same opinion about everything.
> Wondering about your age though. Sounds like some juvenile outburst(?)
> Søren
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