Søren Krarup Olesen sko at inducks.org
Fri Oct 3 18:20:00 CEST 2008

Dear Dux,

> Well, up until you concluded with a premature—and immature—and completely inaccurate comment about my presumed 'juvenility,' your post had merit and self-respect, and stood as a set of valid points of view. I don't deny my own lack of appreciation for certain Duck artists' work—Don Rosa's just ain't in that category for me.

Very well. I went a bit too far on the juvenile thingy, but sometimes it
is sad seeing messages initiated by "My, my, my" or "Wrong, wrong,
wrong" or the like. Sighing over other people's messages is fine but you
only sent a single (rahter hostile) sentence from which I could read
nothing in the lines of "merit", "self-respect" and "valid"...on the

Now, let's get back to the topic instead of wasting time with meta
discussions about *how* to discuss.

> Nevertheless, my viewpoint is that there does exist a consortium of sorts of Duck fandom out there who tend to pooh-pooh Don's work as a matter of routine. I've been reading/posting in Duck forums—this one and others—for quite awhile and have witnessed it first-hand and *personal.* 

I certainly do not belong to such a consortium--actually it sounds a bit
scary to me, the way you put it.

> Just my Opinion.

OK, so such a consortium may not exist after all, then ;-)

Can you possibly reveal your name. I assume you weren't named "Dux"...


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