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To "GGK" of Poland who writes:

"Lahdee Dah" sounds a bit like a anaram for "Della"... Or I just got
obsesive? ;)

No, probably not an anagram: in American English "La De Dah" or "La Dee
Da" are simply nonsense syllables used when you don't know the words to a
song, like Tra La La.  It is also used in Southern American English
to express either mild disgust or outrage: "Well La...Dee...Dah!" 
Pausing slightly between the syllables and pronouncing them very
emphatically is important!  The longer the pauses and the more emphasis
the greater the outrage or disgust!

On the parents of HD &L: I agree it would be difficult to address the
question in "happy-ending" way.  Not impossible to reconcile the triplets
with the permanent absence of their parents and with staying with two
bachelor uncles, obviously!

On Donald Duck vs. Homer Simpson: Homer has raised sloth and goofing off
to a life's principle!  Donald suffers more from Attention Deficit
Syndrome which might explain his constant changing of careers
interspersed with periods of unemployment and poverty ("A Christmas for

Best Wishes!

L. Schulte

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