DCML Digest, Vol 68, Issue 11

Rui Lima rui.lima at iol.pt
Mon Oct 13 12:42:39 CEST 2008

Well, i´m a recent subscriber of these e-mail digests and only because  
i was searching the web for information on Don Rosa´s work.

This came up on his wikipedia page.

I´m 30, from Portugal and i´ve read with pleasure Disney comics almost  
all my life. Back in the old days there were no Portuguese editions of  
Disney comics and the magazines we had came from Brazil where they  
were very popular.

I was "blessed" to have a relative that was also an avid reader and  
collector so i managed to read many 60´s and 70´s editions of comics  
on their golden age.

in the 80´s they started being published in Portugal and i started  
reading the Portuguese magazines. When i got old enough to make my own  
money, one of the first things i did was to subscribe all editions of  
Disney comics in Portugal. I received the magazines for some years  
until a couple of years ago, they were all cancelled in Portugal  
"because there were no conditions to keep going".

This came as a shock to me having grown surrounded with Donald Duck,  
etc. The thought that one day my kids would grow in a place where  
there were no Disney comics being published was scary to say the least.

As a kid, i obvioulsy did not follow authors and there were no names  
on the stories. but i did start to notice that some stories were in  
different levels than others and noticing patterns in drawings, etc.

With time, i got to know the name Carl Barks along with others.

Recently, with the magazines i subscribed, i started reading Don  
Rosa´s stories. It was the first time i thought EPIC stories came back  
to comics since Barks... i also enjoy very much VICAR´s style.

The Portuguese publishing house made a series of Don´s Life and Times  
of $crooge McDuck and i got them all. Then they started publishing the  
complete works of Carl Barks and that was interrupted on the 4th  
number when they ceased printing all magazines.

Well, i don´t know if Don reads this or not or any other author... To  
all, i just want to say THANK YOU.

Thank you from the deep of my heart for making my (ours) life(s) a  
little better.

I like to think that i am a better person because of your (all of you) work.

All i can do now is re-read the magazines i have, but i´ll treasure  
them forever.

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