The cansellation of the Portugese Disney comics...

Familien Enget abeenget at
Thu Oct 16 13:50:33 CEST 2008

I refer to Riu Lima's contribution, Re: DCML Digest, Vol 68, Issue 11...

It's very sad to hear that the Portugese Disney comics are canselled from 
their publisher! I rest assured that the Norwegians are far from such a 

I've never been to Portugal, but thru my childhood and now well into 
adulthood, I make sure that I bring home a Disney comic book from every 
country I visit. My experience from i.e. Spain is they are hard to find. In 
the UK you get the impression you're too old to buy the magazine formatted 
Mickey Mouse!

I hope you can subscribe to the Brazilain edition of Disney comics, and 
subscribe to the US editions from Gemstone Publishing! This will help you 
keep the old comic books longer, while getting the new stuff.

Erlend, Norway 

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