Globality and Translations

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> my understanding at the time was that Gladstone was working from 
> "literal" translations made from the original language into English.

Yes, you're right. That requires (and justifies) some re-writing of the

> it involved the ducklings adopting a dog.
> Gladstone's version has Donald say, "You already have a 
> dog."  Western's did not.  Hence, the allusion to Bolivar/Bornworthy 
> which, to me, makes the story better and richer.

To me it makes it worse, as Francesco Spreafico explained.
There are thousands of stories (in the USA) where Donald doesn't have a
dog. Even quite a few where it is essential to the story that Donald
doesn't have a dog. There is no use at all to add a reference to the few
stories where he *does* have a dog.

Apart from that, Geoffrey Blum often added references to literature and
music. These references were not at all necessary for the story, so to
me they are too "forced".
(BTW, an *occasional* reference is fine, if it doesn't disturb the flow
of the story.)

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