Seeking Italian story

Botto Armando Armando.Botto at
Fri Feb 20 11:22:49 CET 2009

Timo wrote:
> "In business he [Italian Scrooge] is even more unscrupulous, and
should by right be confined to jail. This in fact happened once, when he
burglarized the office of his rival. He even managed to turn this into a
nifty profit. From his cellmate, Beagle Boy, he learned that by writing
his autobiography as a criminal he could strike it rich. This was after
the Watergate, and in a story which dealt with corruption, although not
on that same level. The jail officials were bribed by the beagles, who
had a good business going from the jail cells. There was never the
slightest hint that this had been put to a stop by the end of the
There is no code or anything else about the story. Could someone
indentify it from this description? Year? Issue?

Judging from your description and from the one in Inducks, this is
Guido Martina's "Zio Paperone e le memorabili memorie" (1978), drawn by
Giorgio Cavazzano:
I'm not 100% certain, though, as I've never read that story...


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