Globality and Translations

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Wed Feb 25 22:12:51 CET 2009


>> However unattainable those standards may have been, the rewriters  
>> knew that's what they were shooting for and in fact wanted to  
>> shoot for, constrained only by the parameters of stories' visuals.
> Does this mean that they produced scripts that matched the visuals,  
> but did not necessarily have anything to do with the original  
> story, i.e., something like what Woody Allen did in "What's Up  
> Tiger Lily?"

This did happen on occasion. I remember one DuckTales story I rewrote  
that I just had to refurbish. The art was such that I was able to  
recast the "villain" of the piece and change his motivation, which  
amounted to giving him a motivation in the first place. The original  
verbiage made the character out as nothing more than an inexplicable  

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