Searching for a Barks story

D.M. van Eijmeren dve at
Wed Jan 7 14:23:37 CET 2009

First, I wish everyone a happy 2009!

By e-mail, I got the following question, in reference to a Barks story in 
WDC 92:
But I was wondering, did Professor Clabberhead ever say,'You are suffering 
from a slight touch of momentary fragmentation, plus a compound transaction 
of the pandemonium, in addition, a compound bucolic semi- lunar confiscation 
of the basic rathbone' ?' in that comic? my sister loves to quote that, and 
seems to think Clabberhead said it, but I couldn't find it in that comic. 
Was there another version?

Can someone identify this story?
I checked doctor U. Qwik in 'The Mad Chemist' (WDC 44), but I didn't see a 


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