Den Hulkende Sømand by Chamber Choir Hymnia

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Hello all!
And especially Danish members of DCML
Does anyone know how I could get to hear this one?
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"Chamber Choir Hymnia
Brilliant choral repertoire 
There is no shortage of Danish choral CDs. Somewhat too many, perhaps, as the repertoire is often unimaginative and the enthusiastic choirs tread on each others' heels with the same music. Here is something completely new: a thematic CD with "Waterworks". The CD includes just one Danish composer and otherwise takes us far and wide. The fact that I now choose to call attention to one single piece does not necessarily mean that this piece is the best (all here is good music) but because its idea is brilliant: "Den Hulkende Sømand" ["The Screaming Cowboy"], music for double choir set to lyrics familiar to all readers of Donald Duck (and who does not know Donald?): "Oh, skænk mig en grav ved det isgrønne hav, hvor kun bølgerne hører min gråd!" Finnish Jaakko Mäntyjärvi is the master behind this deeply serious composition for double choir. It should lure anyone, and no-one will feel tricked as this is nothing but good music in the best imaginable performance. Even those lacking interest in choir music should consider a purchase. 
Mogens Wenzel Andreasen, High Fidelity no. 5 2006, p. 52. Aug. 24th 2006 "
Best Wishes
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