Boom Disney Comics reliable news source??

Kriton Kyrimis kyrimis at
Mon Jun 22 09:43:52 CEST 2009


> Unfortunately it's true. And I say unfortunately because they decided
> to publish crap:
> (And I don't mean Ultraheroes...  that's not crap, most of it is
> readable.

Maybe not crap, but certainly very painful. A forced, nonsensical plot, that 
drags on and on, with a  high-tech coloring scheme that fails to add anything 
to the rather poor art.

Here in Greece, the story was accompanied by a toy (I think it was PK's car) 
that came in parts that had to be assembled. When the issue with the last part 
of the toy was published, I was glad that the story was finally over, only to 
discover that the story had more parts than the toy.

> That just makes little sense to publish it there, since it's
> filled with superheroes not known in the US.)

Or anywhere else, actually. Super Daisy? Super Gladstone? Super Fethry? Super 
Gus Goose?

Now, if you are not calling Ultraheroes crap, I wonder if you reserve this 
honor for Wizards of Mickey. I just read the story (it was published as a 
two-volume summer special, here in Greece), and it's actually quite good. I 
agree, though, that it is not the best choice for a monthly comic book, even 
if an entire episode is printed on each issue. From the way the story is 
structured, it is obvious that the Wizards' creators understood that, reading 
one chapter a week, readers might easily lose track of the plot. Reading one 
chapter a month, taking more than a year to finish the story, is too much.

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