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I haven't seen any mention of this online...  Should I assume this
> is speculation - or did it actually happen?  If so, can anybody show me a
> reliable source?


> My experiences with negotiating a license with Disney (it's a wringer every
> licensee has to go through, though the Boom folks obviously have experience
> of their own with that already) lead me to believe it will be some time
> before we know anything "yea!" or "nay!" on the matter.

Or, y'know, they could have said as much on Saturday: <
http://newsarama.com/comics/060921-Boom-Disney.html> ;-)

"We’re going to start to approach the Mickey and Donald material from a
> completely different direction, and we’re going to try to have something
> that at the same time is less the ‘greatest hits’ reprints and more
> dovetails into what the Boom Kids stuff is, which is sort of an add to and
> extension of, modern presence creative take on these classic characters that
> I think can connect with kids today." — Ross Richie (BOOM! Studios’
> co-founder and Publisher)

Yes, it's disheartening and embarrassing to watch publisher after publisher
approach these characters as if they're only interesting when they're
superheroes (Gemstone had its share of those stories, especially in their
first year with the license). On the other hand, I'm VERY happy that there's
no Barks in these books!

<< everyone reaches for tar and feathers >>

Now, hang on: Barks' work is excellent! If you were to say that his are the
best Duck stories ever told, I would have a difficult time arguing with you.
However... that does not mean their place is in a monthly book (especially
one that's under 48 pages). And so I'm very happy that the folks at BOOM!
seem to agree.

Barks and the other "greats" all belong in long-format collections like the
CBL. Classic such as those are cheapened when they're used as cheap filler
for monthly books. The periodical pamphlet -- at least in the U.S.A. -- is
expected to contain all-new, serialized works. Reprints in periodicals give
readers the impression that the publisher is just trying to save a few bucks
(and, to be honest, that *is* very often the case).

So while I don't agree that these particular stories are the best choices
for BOOM!'s relaunch of the Disney comics, I do believe that they're a
better fit for the existing U.S. market (that is, a better fit than issues
full of Barks, Rosa, Van Horn, Scarpa, Gottfredson, etc.).

And now that I've stuck my neck out on their behalf, I look forward to BOOM!
proving me right in saying all that. ;-)

// Travis Seitler
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