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Gary Leach wrote that the cover of the new Boom Mickey Mouse Comics "were using the Gemstone logo". This logo is
nearly identical to the original title screen logo of the classic Mickey cartoons of Plane Crazy and Steamboat
Willy of 1929. Gemstone used this logo in 2003 after a lapse of 10 years since the preceding Gladstone
second series of the 1990's did not make a Mickey Mouse comic book. The "modern" appearance of this logo
was in the Gladstone first series of the 1980's. Actually it was in this first series comic books that Gary Leach 
was listed as giving his appreciated service to Disney fans as production assistant under Bruce Hamilton.

The "historic" appearance of this logo, again nearly identical to that of the classic cartoons, was on the cover of
the Mickey Mouse Magazine give-aways of the early 1930's.  The first series was usually given away in Department 
stories while the second series were give-aways for Diary companies in which Mickey also had gags promoting the
drinking of milk by kids. Subsequently  with the third series of the Mickey Mouse Magazine, that was sold, and then the 
regular series of the Mickey Mouse comic of the Dell, Gold Key, and Whitman eras, the cover logos were usually quite 
different although a very few had some similarity.   

Regarding the new Boom comic, I find their service by priority mail extremely good. The comic itself may not be 
best preferred by those of us raised on the Gottfredson Mickey including the many reprints. However it does follow the
present trend of fantasy and super heroes ( from Harry Potter to the Disney/Pixar The Incredibles). The alternative for
Mickey in the media is not very bright with animation mostly just the pre-school Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with the
(atrocious?) 3D Mickey computer shape and printed matter with Mickey mainly as appears on childrens clothes
as well as underware for adults. We should all hope that Boom suceeds.

Marvin Winitz 
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