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Marvin Winitz said:  "Regarding the new Boom comic, I find their service by
priority mail extremely good. The comic itself may not be best preferred by those
of us raised on the Gottfredson Mickey including the many reprints. However it
does follow the present trend of fantasy and super heroes... We should all hope
that Boom suceeds."

I'm glad you said this Marvin.  I have a sense that Disney Comics will not fare
well in the U.S. (AGAIN) if the continuous complaints about taking Disney's
stable of characters into new realms of adventure is resurrected once more.  Us
OLDER Disney fans seem to want only Barksian/Rosan-esque adventures and anything
that endeavors beyond those boundaries is instantly bemoaned.  If only that style
of adventures, and the continuous re-re-re-re-re-reprints are allowed, Disney
comics will not reach the younger fans whom the characters were originally
imagined to appeal.  Ultraheroes, PKNA, Fantasy and other story formats are ideal
for contemporary readers who like to see familiar characters exploring new and
far-reaching ideas straight out of their favorite videogames, sci-fi and fantasy
films, etc.  Personally, I have enough Re-re-re-re-reprints of Barks (in many
cases, I even have the ORIGINAL printings).  I'm not buying anymore without
something NEW included.  I LIKE the new BOOM! comics adaptations of the
ULTRAHEROES, and will give the Wizards a chance, too.  

I wouldn't mind seeing some of the never-printed-in-the-USA Scarpa material,
though, or even some of the DuckTales, Goof Troop and other material never
printed in the USA as well.  I'm hoping BOOM! does well, unless the license goes
to another publisher, and then they do well also!


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