Boom! Christmas Classics contents

Elaine Ramshaw elaine1 at
Mon Nov 9 02:26:36 CET 2009

You can now see the table of contents of the Boom! Christmas Classics
hardcover due out soon, on Amazon's "look inside" feature. Here's what is


Jack Hannah's "Santa Claus's Visit" (last published in the US in WDCS 687)

Romano Scarpa's "It's a Wonderful Christmas Story" (Gemstone Christmas
Parade 3)

Al Taliaferro's "Mister & Mistletoe" (perhaps just a one-page strip
featuring mistletoe that's been published in comics before?)

Don Gunn's "Mickey's Christmas Mix-up" (MM 295) and "Mickey's Christmas
Trees" (MM 283)

Barks's "Christmas on Bear Mountain" and three of the Firestone giveaways:
"Donald Duck's Best Christmas", "Santa's Stormy Visit" and "Three Good
Little Ducks" 



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