The Screaming Cowboy in French?

cmhallin at cmhallin at
Wed Nov 18 12:50:39 CET 2009

Dear all,

I was just wondering whether one of the French list members would be 
able to let me know how my signature quote ("Oh, bury me thar..." etc; 
see below for full quote) from The Screaming Cowboy (La complainte du 
pauvre cow-boy) is translated into French? I don't mean translated in 
the sense of how to explain the meaning of the English quote, but what 
the words of the song that Donald has written are in the French 

Many thanks in advance,


Mattias Hallin · Brussels · Belgium · <cmhallin at>

"Oh bury me thar! With my battered git-tar!
A-screamin' my heart out fer yew!"

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