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>>>  Does Don (or any other Disney comic creator) even get any information about the 
publication of their work in different countries?



I was meaning if he has been told from fans etc. about the publication of his work because he seems to be interested in knowing what's going on. For example, here in Greece, they're going to publish the second volume of a series which contains all of his stories but they don't even mention his name nowhere in the book (at least in the first volume - the second one is going to published very soon) because publishers here didn't want to accept that Don has copyrighted his name and his articles about his stories so they don't use it and i would like to have his comment about this. Because we get to have a published collection of the whole Disney work of Don Rosa without his name printed anywhere in the books and this is quite disapponting. Of course the blame is on the publishers.



And Barry thanks for the information, i hope Don's health going well..

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