Publishers and Artists

Wed Sep 16 18:17:07 CEST 2009

> I was meaning if he has been told from fans etc. about the publication of 
> his work because he seems to be interested in knowing what's going on. 

Because we get to have a published collection of the whole Disney work of 
> Rosa without his name printed anywhere in the books and this is quite 
> disapponting. Of course the blame is on the publishers.

It reminds me of Carl Barks and Dell Publishing.
In those days, no reader knew Carl's Name since they did not have art 
signed, and they did not credit him in the comics. We just considered his art and 
stories by that "Good Duck Artist"
It was not until after he retired and some invetigative work was done to 
find Carl.
At least you know who Don Rosa is, as did fans while Don was doing work.
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