The Fate of Cornelius Coot - OT

John Chadwick wolfsong at
Wed Sep 23 01:15:12 CEST 2009

I just wanted to provide some food for thought, in case any of us are  
extremely serious collectors. You may have heard of Disney's plan to  
expand Fantasyland in Walt Disney World, Florida. As I understand it  
this spells out the end for Mickey's Toontown Fair. Now, as a Disney  
Comics fan, there's only one object I'm going to miss from that  
section and that's the statue of Cornelius Coot. I just wanted to  
suggest to anyone on this group that has the resources, that once  
Disney closes the doors on Toontown, keep an eye on what they're  
selling on eBay. I'd rather see that statue fall in the hands of  
someone who will appreciate it for it's connection to the stories we  
love, as opposed to someone who's just seeking to own a piece of  
Disney World.

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