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I noticed that my last message came through in heavy large type!  It is not clear why that is happening!
Anyway, yes, I also prefer hand-lettering to the soulless computerized typesetting in the dialogue or narration balloons.  And we should keep in mind that an ancient criticism of the idea of the book itself was that it would ruin people's memories and speaking abilities!  A book is simply a crutch for a feeble memory!  
The idea of electronic books will probably not go away: the next few years will show us what the market is for the idea.  Will it end up replacing paper books by 2020?  At the present price I would say no: and unless you can actually "own" the e-book, and not just "rent" it for a price, I would also see the market preferring the paper book, which one does not rent!
Disney could be a market leader here with a kid-friendly e-comic-book: inexpensive, loaded with Duck stories, and a few advertisements here and there! 
Songs which one downloads are not considered rentals: why should e-books be different?
Best Wishes!
L. Schulte

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