E-books and e-readers

D.M. van Eijmeren dve at kabelfoon.nl
Mon Feb 22 16:00:17 CET 2010

L. SCHULTE, 20-02-2010:

> Songs which one downloads are not considered rentals:
> why should e-books be different?

As far as I know, songs are also rentals. By "buying" a song of The Beatles, 
one will never own it. One only owns the vinyl it is printed on. The same 
for Disney comics. Buyers only own the paper on which someone else's 
(Disney's) intellectual property is printed. With digital copies this 
situation becomes very clear: one only owns the mp3-player or the e-reader.

I know two types of e-readers. An e-reader like the i-Pad, with a lighted 
monitor. And an e-reader with "electronic ink", that has no lighting, which 
almost looks like ink on paper.
I hope the one with the "electronic ink" will win the market for e-reading. 
Otherwise reading e-comics would be like watching  a book on television. 
Which is tiresome for the eyes.

Best wishes,

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