Complete Mickey

Poul Spærhage Frøkjær pfr at
Mon Feb 22 09:18:48 CET 2010

>I realize that this may be a question without a satisfying answer, but does anyone know if there are any copies of the limited edition Complete Floyd Gottfredson Mickey Mouse book (daily strips from 1930 to 1955) still available for sale? I've heard the book used to be carried by a German company called Dreidreizehn's, but they don't offer it anymore. Any information will be greatly appreciated.< 

I bought my set some 10 years ago directly from the original publisher, Horst Schröder. At the time it seemed he still had complete sets, though they were 20 years old back then. If you're lucky he might still have a few, but don't expect any discounts just because its an outdated publication ;-). I believe you can reach him through his company Epix ( Good luck!

/Poul Frokjar 

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