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  On 10/13/2010 8:02 AM, schulte at teacher.com wrote:
> A question from us older folks: is a "digicomic" animated, but 
> available on-line, or is it basically a comic book obtainable through 
> Kindle or iPhones, etc.?  Or is it a hybrid of some sort?  I found the 
> website for Disney DigiComics, and it seemed to be regular comic book 
> viewable through an e-Book, but then "game platforms" were mentioned, 
> which made me wonder if in fact the comic is not animated.
There was something called "Muppet Motion Comics" that had some limited 
animation, but I don't think that's quite what you're getting at.  
Basically you're right, it's a comic book that's obtainable through the 
iPad/iPhones and PSP currently.  Some of the stuff that's available 
through Digicomics is also available through print such as the Wizards 
of Mickey and Ultraheroes stories, or were released in another country 
in print form, like X-Mickey.  The comics, at least in the PSP form, 
*sometimes* have sound effects and this weird viewing mode where the 
comic takes you through panel by panel, but I don't know how it would 
handle something like the two page spread in Darkwing Duck #1.

Frankly, I'd prefer the things in print because I dislike the panel by 
panel method of reading.  It feels... odd to me.

> And how is "Epic Mickey" being defined these days?  A very long 
> adventure story?
"Epic Mickey" is a video game, so I don't think it's quite what you 
think it is, but there are comic tie-ins which is why I brought it up.

August Paul Yang
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