Disney comics on iPad

Rui Lima rui.lima at iol.pt
Wed Aug 31 19:00:23 CEST 2011

Has anyone seen the new app available for iPad (and presumably for iPhone)
with Disney comics?

  yes, it has "Cars", "Toy story", etc, stuff, but also good ol´ Donald
Duck, Scrooge, Beagle Boys, etc... i do think that the comics being sold
for 3 and 4 euros won´t have a lot of sucess, but there are several
stories for 0.79€ and even some freebies...

  The app is not that good, IMHO, and i get the feeling there must have been
some internal Disney struggle about releasing this or not. my guess is,
they took a reader already on the market (looks very similar to the one
IZNEO is using), put some comics on the store and are checking to see the
feedback. if there is a proper feedback, my guess is that the powers that
be at Disney will not overlook a potential money maker. they have thousands
upon thousands of stories which they own the copyright (decades of
publishing!) and could very well make millions on this...

  has anyone else tried it?
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