DCML Digest, Vol 96, Issue 3

Harry Fluks harry.fluks at quadrovision.nl
Mon Feb 21 18:13:45 CET 2011

> From: August Yang <wintermute at speakeasy.net>
> http://www.iusmentis.com/patents/priorart/donaldduck/
> Apparently, someone figured out a way to raise sunken ships using
> "smaller, more buoyant bodies" and was awarded patents in 1965 in the UK
> and Germany.  They tried to get a Dutch patent as well, but the Dutch
> refused the patent because there was "prior art": a 1945 Carl Barks
> Donald Duck story.

Not Dutch, but Danish. (Do Americans know the difference? :-)
Karl Krøyer. See Donald Duck Adventures #15 (Sept. 1989).
The Barks story was from 1949, not 1945. (https://coa.inducks.org/story.php?c=W+WDC+104-02)
In Holland, the story was first published in 1974, so a reference in 1965 would have been impossible anyway.

(A Dutch guy, from Holland.)

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