Donald Duck: Patent Foiler (DCML Digest, Vol 96, Issue 6) and Shaun Craill

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Tue Feb 22 18:53:40 CET 2011

Hi Harry and everyone,

>Not Dutch, but Danish. (Do Americans know the difference? :-)
>Karl Kr?yer. See Donald Duck Adventures #15 (Sept. 1989).
>The Barks story was from 1949, not 1945. 
>In Holland, the story was first published in 1974, so a reference in 1965 would 
>have been impossible anyway.

*Some* Americans can tell the difference (even if we can't truly read either one 
- LOL).  I have been known to correct Ebay posters when they label a Donald Duck 
& Co, Anders And or Donald Duck as German or can't even hazard a guess as to 
what the country of origin is.

On a more serious note, I sent an email to list member Shaun Craill, who at 
least at the time of last year's earthquake had been living around Christchurch, 
New Zealand, inquiring after his and his family's well being.  Shaun replied 
that all was well with him and his immediate family; they have actually been 
living elsewhere in New Zealand.  I would, however, like to ask everyone to keep 
family and friends from whom Shaun and his family have not yet had news in your 
thoughts and/or prayers.  It is rewarding to be connected by this wonderful 
hobby/interest, but for any hobby, when it comes down to it, it's the people 
that make it all worthwhile.  We are all fortunate that Disney tends to 
emphasize that regardless of it being ducks and mice!

Take care all,
Chuck Munson
Herndon  VA  USA


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