Mickey Mouse daily strips on D23 (Olivier)

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 If the Fantagraphics edition will miss as many strips as the website has omitted then the early Mickey adventures will be heavily butchered and almost unreadable in parts.
As an example in Mickey Mouse Sails for Treasure Island the cannibals and Mickey attacks the crooks. Several strips omitted here. In the next strip the cannibals flee from the battle. 
More strips omitted here. In the next strip Mickey is tied to a tree in front of a cannon. 

The publication on D23 is sadly awfully incomplete when it concerns Mickey.

Ola in Sunny Stockholm -1

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I forgot to call your attention yesterday on the fact that the cannibals have not been censored in the continuity ("Mickey Mouse Sails for Treasure
Island") currently published on D23 :


The previous one ("The Great Orphanage Robbery")


I hope this is a good sign for Fantagraphics' collection; has the decision been made, or is the Walt Disney Company testing the waters through their site, seeing what the reactions are, before granting the right to reprint all the strips, unaltered?



Merry Christmas!





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I thought I would treat myself to the two-volume Rosa Pertwillaby books put out in Norway, I believe??
Does anyone know how I could purchase these? Or the cost?

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