Mickey Mouse daily strips on D23 (Olivier)

Olivier mouse-ducks at orange.fr
Wed Jan 12 23:12:16 CET 2011

>>>>> If the Fantagraphics edition will miss as many strips as the website
has omitted
>>>>> then the early Mickey adventures will be heavily butchered and almost
unreadable in parts.
>>>>> As an example in Mickey Mouse Sails for Treasure Island the cannibals
and Mickey attacks the crooks.
>>>>> Several strips omitted here. In the next strip the cannibals flee from
the battle. 
>>>>> More strips omitted here. In the next strip Mickey is tied to a tree
in front of a cannon. 
>>>>> The publication on D23 is sadly awfully incomplete when it concerns

Oh darn; I have not followed the strips closely (though I do save them every
day); just seeing the cannibals, I thought the continuity was complete, this
Is there not a contradiction, or at least a lack of  coherence, in those
editorial decisions?

Thanks for pointing this out, Ola.


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