which car colour for the Wonderful Whizzix?

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In the 1991 reprint of the story (as a serial) in WDC&S # 553, 554 and 555, the Whizzix car is green, not red, just as I remember it from the 1967 Swedish reprinted version.
The Whizzix was not really "an old and worn out car", it came straight from the assembly line in the old Whizzix factory when Goofy found it.


On Saturday, September 26, 2009 5:48:04 AM UTC-5, ni... at math.uio.no wrote:
> I've always liked the "MM & the Wonderful Whizzix" story
> (Dick Moores, F.C. 427, 1952). It is mildly disturbing
> to a sensitive reader, though, that the car in question
> is *green* on the cover, but consistently *red* throughout
> the story in side.
> And now Egmont's Hall of Fame series has produced
> a full hard-cover Dick Moores book (complete with
> an informative preface by Germund von Wowern).
> But [make room for "arrrgghh"-sounding sounds here]
> -- the car is now *ugly, stark, blue*. It simply strikes
> me as dead wrong. It's partly the blue-ness, but
> perhaps even more the shinyness & starkness
> of it -- this is supposed to be an old & worn-out car,
> not a shiny thing from the assembly lines of Detroit.
> Don't the Editors & Colour People have a sense of
> piety (and aesthetics)?
> Nils Lid Hjort
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