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On Fri, 2 Nov 2012, Frank Stajano wrote:

> On 2012-11-01 14:28, Matt Yaklin wrote:
>> On a related note I noticed ebay seller Preduction is creating some
>> sort of registry book for Bark's oil paintings.
>> I guess if you can afford a Bark's painting for 25K and up spending 1000
>> dollars to put it into a registry book is not a huge stretch.
> In my opinion one would have to be pretty gullible to send that much money to 
> this cheeky scammer, or to believe that having one's painting listed in that 
> book somehow enhances or protects its value or authenticity (spoken as a 
> security professional who studies fraud...)

There is a pretty large problem for a novice to Bark's paintings trying to
get a handle on what is what. He painted a lot of paintings and many of
them have the same theme. Especially the smaller ones. Let alone
preliminaries which open up another can of worms.

Just recently on ebay there appears to have been a fake Barks painting of
Donald for sale. The auction was pulled though. If just briefly looking at
it reminded me of the real one that was sold at I know it made
me jump into investigative mode to determine if it was a prelim, a real
painting, or a fake. Other more advanced collecters assisted in pointing
out the easy tells.

Now these Carl Barks books show casing his oils assist novice potential
buyers to get an understanding of what is out there but I imagine there
are many paintings that we as a community do not even have a picture of!

So this registry thing.. while an expensive idea... has some good ideas
in it. Instead of a book this really should be a website where people join
and upload hi-res pics of their paintings and have plenty of notes to go
with it. That would allow everyone to see what is going on. Having an area
for a list of fakes would also be cool.

So that is my two cents. Maybe I should take on this project since I have
the resources to do it for free. I work for an ISP.

> The "buy now for 250,000 USD" is particularly hilarious.

That is his way to advertise and keep his name out there. Also it never
hurts to fish for a whale. A lot of the big players use ebay like that.


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